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The end of my marriage is likely one of the most difficult thing I have encountered. Finding a good lawyer who was immediately ready to go to work on my behalf was not difficult at all. The team there were certainly good at what they do, but more importantly, they cared about me as a person. They walked me through every step and were very helpful with the documentation and the many other things I encountered. The services Mr Turner and his team provided me was second to none. They are caring professionals.

J. Michael Turner, Jr. is a lawyer handling kinship adoption in Greenville, South Carolina. If you are looking to adopt a family member, he can assist you through the process. Contact Turner Family Law for a consultation about your case. Let Turner Family law put their experience as a Greenville family lawyer to use for you.

Lawyer for Kinship Adoptions

Having a lawyer for a kinship adoption can help you in many respects:

  • This is an extremely important event for the child and your entire family. It can give you peace of mind that you are going through the process correctly.
  • Identify things that may be issues or complications, and take the right steps to avoid them
  • Receive any financial assistance or subsidy that you may qualify for (family members can qualify)
  • Prepare your paperwork correctly and efficiently
  • Handle any consent paperwork that may be necessary with biological parents or termination of parental rights
  • Explain the process, answer questions, and prepare for each step in the case
  • Serve as a resource and sounding board for you

When an adoption involves family, certain parts of the process can be streamlined. A home study may not be required, and certain financial disclosures are waived. The process can be faster than a non-relative adoption. It is our goal to assist you with the process efficiently and accurately so that you can reach your goal of finalizing your adoption.

Stepparent, Grandparent, Extended Family, Sibling Adoptions

Turner Family Law represents stepparents, grandparents, and other relatives in the adoption process. There are many reasons to formalize the relationship between family members, including:

  • Giving the parents and child a sense of permanence and commitment
  • Ease of accessing medical and educational information and participating in these important aspects of the child’s life
  • Finalization of the parent-child relationship for the future
  • The ability to make major decisions for the child with the authority of a parent
  • Emotional stability for the entire family

Pursuing an adoption can benefit a child emotionally and in all aspects of their personal health. Stepparents, grandparents, adult siblings of a younger child, aunts, uncles, and other extended family members can become legal parents by completing a kinship adoption.

At your consultation, lawyer Michael Turner can answer any questions that you have. He will learn about your family and identify things that may be important to the case. He will then talk about the process and explain how his representation works.

South Carolina Kinship Adoption Laws

Title 63 of the South Carolina Children’s Code is the South Carolina Adoption Act. Subarticle 11 addresses stepparent and relative adoptions. Adoption is the act of creating a legal parent-and-child relationship where it did not exist previously. The family court has jurisdiction over the proceedings. A final hearing may be held as quickly as 90 days after filing the adoption petition. Children ages 14 and up must consent to be adopted. If there are existing parental rights, they must be extinguished by consent, relinquishment, or termination.

When you are pursuing a kinship adoption, it is important to understand the law and follow the steps correctly. A mistake can make the process take longer, require repeating steps or even prevent you from completing the adoption. Voluntary relinquishment of rights can be an emotional issue. Having a lawyer allows you to have a professional work on your behalf.

Why Choose Turner Family Law?

Lawyer Michael Turner has been handling family matters in the South Carolina courts for years. He sees his career as an opportunity to make a difference. If you are pursuing a kinship adoption, he wants you to have experienced legal representation.

Michael Turner is licensed in South Carolina. As a graduate of Cumberland School of Law at Samford University and the University of South Carolina, he is well-equipped to help families navigate the process of kinship adoption. When he represents you, he explains what you should know and if there is anything important that you may not have considered. He learns about your situation and customizes a plan. He will work diligently to complete this important step in your family’s life.

Work With a Kinship Lawyer Today

Whether you would like a consultation, or you are ready for us to begin your case, we invite you to contact Turner Family Law regarding your kinship adoption. Contact us today.

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