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Michael Turner and his team provided exceptional service and support thru my divorce proceedings. I was kept informed throughout and any questions or concerns were answered promptly.

Greenville marital property division lawyer J. Michael Turner, Jr. represents spouses in divorce proceedings that involve the division of marital property. His experience as a divorce attorney in Greenville will be put towards your case. Securing the property award that you deserve is so important to receiving justice in your divorce case. Contact us for a consultation with Turner Family Law today.

About Marital Property Division in Divorce

A divorce proceeding serves several purposes. Of course, it results in a divorce – the court declares that the parties are no longer married, but the marital estate must also be settled. That means dividing marital property.

The process of dividing marital property is not a simple one. You must answer important questions like:

  • What marital property do the parties have?
  • What is each item of property worth?
  • Is there a reason that property may be classified as non-marital, like an inheritance or a gift?
  • How should the assets be divided?
  • Is the other spouse hiding or undervaluing assets? If so, what course of action is needed in response?
  • Can the parties resolve the division of assets by agreement, or does the case need to go to court?
  • If the case goes to court, what evidence and arguments should be presented? How can you best prepare this evidence?

Getting a fair award for the marital property begins long before your day in court. Marital property division lawyer Michael Turner represents divorcing spouses in cases where marital property is an important question. It is his goal to understand your situation and advocate for your interests.

Call or message us today for a consultation about your case.

How Is Marital Property Divided in a Divorce in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, marital property is divided equitably. Usually, that means close to equally, but not always. The court must look at all the relevant factors and determine what division of property they believe is fair.

To make an equitable division of property, the court must identify what property the parties have and what it is worth. That may mean getting an appraisal on a marital home, for example. It may mean having a professional offer an opinion as to the value of a business.

To determine how to divide marital property, the court can consider a wide range of factors including:

  • Contributions to the marital estate
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Marital misconduct
  • The length of the marriage
  • Tax consequences of a proposed award
  • Health and earning potential of each party
  • Encumbrances on property
  • Other relevant factors

To succeed in your case, you must provide the court with evidence about what assets exist, what they are worth, and why the court should divide them in the manner that you are seeking.

As your legal counsel, Michael Turner assists you with all these steps. As an experienced family lawyer, he works to achieve results for his clients in divorce proceedings involving the division of marital property. He uses the discovery process to identify and value assets. He relies on evidence-gathering techniques like appraisals and forensic accounting. He resolves cases through strategic negotiations and trial.

There may be one particular asset that is of key importance in your case. In other cases, the marital estate may contain several unique items of property that all need to be considered together. There may be a lot at stake. Attorney Michael Turner understands that the outcome of your legal proceedings is critical. He works to serve your interests and pursue your goals.

Consultations Available – Talk to a Lawyer Now

If you are considering divorce or are already involved in the process, we invite you to reach out for a personalized consultation about your situation. Our lawyers can assist you with:

  • Honest and confidential information about how the court is likely to treat certain assets
  • Information about what you can be doing right now to protect your assets
  • Guidance to begin to put together a financial picture
  • A personalized legal strategy for your situation
  • Answers to your questions and information about the legal process
  • Detailed, assertive, and thorough legal representation

The division of marital property may be the primary focus of your divorce case or it may be one of several important issues to discuss. Whatever your situation, consultations are available with Turner Family Law. Talk to a Greenville marital property division lawyer today and start your case.

We handle divorce cases involving the division of marital property. We represent clients in Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas. Contact us now. We look forward to working with you.

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