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Transgender Name Changes

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Lawyer J. Michael Turner, Jr. can assist you with a South Carolina transgender name change petition. If you would like to legally change your name, he can assist you through the steps and ensure that your rights are protected. As an experienced name change attorney in Greenville, he has the knowledge needed to handle your case. Contact us to talk about your situation and begin today.

Lawyer for Transgender Name Changes

Michael Turner of Turner Family Law is an experienced family lawyer in Greenville. He handles a range of matters in the family court including name change petitions. If you are seeking a transgender name change, Michael Turner can represent you, guide you through the steps to file for a name change, and complete your request.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Here is how Turner Family Law can assist you with your transgender name change:

  • Explaining the name change process in South Carolina
  • Discussing options for also seeking a gender change on your birth certificate
  • Gathering the supporting documents like your background check, sex offender registry check, and DSS abuse and neglect registry review
  • Drafting the paperwork including your petition and affidavit
  • Filing the petition in the court with jurisdiction
  • Attending court with you and speaking on your behalf
  • Guiding you through the process and answering your questions

To change your name in South Carolina, you must petition the court. There must be significant supporting documentation including several background checks. The purpose of these background checks is to ensure that the name change is not to avoid the discovery of a criminal record or appearance on the sex offender registry or child abuse and neglect registry. When lawyer Michael Turner represents you, he guides you through the process and ensures that all paperwork is gathered and completed properly.

Gender Changes in South Carolina

South Carolina law has a process to change the gender on a birth certificate. The person seeking the change must petition the family court. The family court has jurisdiction to hear and determine actions for the correction of birth records. (S.C. Code § 63-3-530).

With a court order, the person can apply to the state registrar to correct the birth record. S.C. Code § 44-63-150 allows for the correction of birth certificates upon application and when required supporting documentation is provided.

A person seeking to change both their name and gender can make both requests to the court at the same time. Each action may also be pursued separately.

Steps for a Transgender Name Change in South Carolina

Steps to complete a transgender name change in South Carolina:

  • Meet the six-month residency requirement in South Carolina (exceptions may apply)
  • File a petition in the family court – the petition must include the reason for the change, age, place of residence, place of birth, and the desired new name
  • Fingerprint and background check completed by SLED (State Law Enforcement Division)
  • DSS screening Form 3027 to report on whether you appear on the central registry of child abuse and neglect
  • Affidavit of alimony and child support orders
  • Sex offender registry screening to report whether you appear on the sex offender registry
  • Filing fee

The court will schedule a hearing, and they may require you to be present. The judge will consider the interest of the petitioner, the public interest, and the reason for the change. If the judge considers it proper, they will issue a court order finalizing the name change.

Once you have a court order, you may update official records like social security, your driver’s license, voter registration, and other records.

Can I get a transgender name change if I have a criminal record?

It is possible to get a transgender name change if you have a criminal record. The court clerk will notify SLED of your new name for their records.

Can the court record be sealed?

You may ask to have the court record sealed for your name change if you fear for your safety.

Legal Help for Transgender Name Change in Greenville, SC

Lawyer Michael Turner helps people reach their legal goals in family court. South Carolina law allows for transgender name changes. Michael Turner can protect your rights and advocate for you. It is his goal to help you complete the steps to change your name efficiently and with confidence.

To start your case, or for a consultation, contact us today. We look forward to helping you.

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