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J. Michael Turner is a contested divorce lawyer in Greenville. If you have issues that you do not agree on in your divorce, it is important to have experienced legal representation to protect your rights.

When you have a contested divorce, the proceedings are so important. Having the right legal representation can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. When you need someone to work diligently for your rights and interests, lawyer Michael Turner is here to represent you.

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Lawyer Handling Contested Divorce in Greenville, SC

Turner Family Law founder Michael Turner handles contested divorce cases. Perhaps you need a knowledgeable person to explain the law and help you evaluate your options. Maybe you need assistance when the other party is not being reasonable.

A contested divorce is one where the parties do not agree on all the issues. It may be because reasonable minds can differ, and it may be because a spouse is being malicious or highly difficult. Whether you need someone to help you negotiate or a litigator who can aggressively present your case in court, it is important to have experienced legal counsel respond appropriately.

Attorney Michael Turner creates a custom strategy for each case. He listens to fully understand your situation and works with you to set goals. There are times when you can compromise, with effective negotiation. There are other times you need to build a strong case and take it to court. Attorney Michael Turner works to pursue the case in the right way for your situation.

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Issues in Contested Divorces

Here are some of the most common issues in a contested divorce:

  • Existence and value of assets
  • Who should remain in the marital home
  • Child custody, visitation, and parenting time schedules
  • Child support
  • How should assets be divided?
  • How should debts be divided?
  • Whether property is marital or non-marital
  • Alimony
  • Enforceability of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement
  • Grounds for divorce

The divorcing spouses may disagree on a single issue, or they may not agree on anything. If there is even a single dispute, the divorce is considered contested.

What Happens in a Contested Divorce?

In a contested divorce, the case is set for a trial before a judge to decide unresolved issues. Each party presents its case. They may submit evidence, call witnesses and make arguments to the court.

What if I just do not respond to the divorce complaint?

You may think that the best thing to do if you do not agree with the divorce or its terms is to simply not respond to the complaint. That is a big mistake. Your spouse can ask for a default against you which essentially gives them everything they want. You lose your right to participate in the divorce.

Can I agree now and then have it changed later?

If you are facing a contested divorce, you might think it is best to just let your spouse have what they want now, assuming you can ask the court to change it later. That is very hard to do. There are limited circumstances where a court will undo a previous order. It is always in your best interests to address all issues during the initial divorce proceedings.

How a Contested Divorce Lawyer Can Help You

A divorce lawyer may assist you with any of the following tasks:

  • Identifying what issues are in dispute and need to be addressed
  • Conducting discovery to gather information and evidence
  • Taking steps to value assets
  • Finding hidden or depleted assets
  • Understanding what evidence is important for child custody
  • Knowing how child support should be calculated
  • Weighing where you should stand firm and when to compromise
  • Explaining what a proposed settlement would mean and what you would be agreeing to
  • Negotiating on your behalf, especially in a high-conflict situation
  • Presenting your case at trial, handling any necessary appeals

Achieving a positive result in a contested divorce requires diligence and strategy. Attorney Michael Turner pursues these details on your behalf as he aims to reach your goals in family court.

Initial Consultation – Contested Divorce Lawyer

Each client has a unique situation and unique legal needs. We will pursue your rights throughout the entire process. Contact us now for a consultation with contested divorce lawyer Michael Turner.

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