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Parent/child visitation rights are important to any family. The visitation order contains the specifics of when you see your child. It also determines the responsibilities of each parent when it comes to visitation.

A favorable visitation order is one that is clear and understood by both parents. It needs to be reasonable so that both parents can follow it while also meeting the needs of the child or children.

Lawyer for Parent/Child Visitation Rights

J. Michael Turner, Jr. of Turner Family Law is a family law attorney in Greenville representing parents and other interested parties in parent and child visitation rights cases. He can represent your legal interests as you seek to establish or modify parent/child visitation rights.

Legal Representation for Parenting Time Orders

A parenting time order determines the specifics of how each parent will directly parent the child. It may be very generic, or it may be specific. The parties may negotiate an order or they may ask the court to issue an order.

When you are pursuing your case, here are some of the things you may need to consider:

  • Who will physically parent on what days and times
  • How exchange of the child will occur and if it is necessary to have the exchange supervised
  • Transportation responsibilities if parents live far apart
  • Holiday and school break schedules
  • Conditions on parenting time whether they relate to drug or alcohol use of the parents, supervised visitation, or other requirements
  • Protection if a case involves domestic violence
  • Reasonable communication between the child and parent who is not exercising parenting time
  • Whether a parent has to notify the other parent when they take the child out of state, whether a parent can leave the country with a child
  • Facilitation of extracurricular activities
  • Whether a parent has threatened to withhold the child or has acted coercively towards the other parent
  • Other conditions that may be appropriate

A visitation/parenting time order should be as specific as it needs to be. It should be tailored to the individual circumstances of the child. As the parent, it is your job to identify things that should be included and present them to the court. Lawyer Michael Turner can assist you.

Establishing or Modifying a Parenting Time or Visitation Order

Turner Family Law can represent you whether you are establishing a visitation order for the first time or want to modify an existing order. As children grow, it may be in their best interests to change the schedule or conditions.

Lawyer Michael Turner can represent you in this process. He can explain if your case is likely to be successful. He can help you weigh all the relevant considerations and create a strategy to meet your goals in family court.

Cases resolved through settlements and hearings

Lawyer Michael Turner resolves family law cases both through negotiated settlements and hearings. A parent/child visitation order that is negotiated between the parents may be more flexible and tailored to the unique situation than the parties might receive from a judge. The parties can have certainty of knowing exactly what they agree to.

However, sometimes it is necessary to go to court. If a parent will not agree to what a court is likely to order, and if what you are seeking is necessary for the child, going to court is the right thing to do. Lawyer Michael Turner is an accomplished litigator and ready to pursue your interests in full.

Grandparent and third-party visitation rights

In rare circumstances, a grandparent or third party may seek custody or visitation rights for a child. Our lawyers can represent you by evaluating the circumstances and taking the appropriate legal action.

Factors in parent/child visitation orders

The court takes many factors into account when it fashions a parent/child visitation order. It may consider things like:

  • The needs of the child and the capacity of the parents to meet those needs
  • Community, school, and extracurricular record of the child
  • The recent relocation of a parent
  • Abuse or domestic violence
  • Efforts of a parent to interfere with the other parent’s relationship with the child
  • Other siblings
  • Child’s preference

Can a child refuse to attend visitation in South Carolina?

No. In South Carolina, a parent may not withhold a child from court-ordered visitation. The child’s refusal or reluctance to attend is not a compelling reason to deny visitation.

If there is an abuse situation, the parent may take immediate legal action and report the matter to the police and social services. A parent must petition the court to change the parenting time order if they do not want the child attending visitation. Otherwise, they may be held in contempt of court.

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Do you need help establishing a parenting time order? Do you have questions about parent/child visitation rights in your case? Are you wondering if legal action is right for you?

We invite you to have a consultation with a lawyer in Greenville. Contact Michael Turner today.

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