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Work with a Greenville separation lawyer to ensure that your interests are protected. Contact Turner Family Law today. We will work on your behalf through the entire process.

Experienced Separation Lawyer in Greenville, SC

The decision to legally separate is never easy. However, it is an extremely important legal step. Your interests must be represented and protected at the stage of legal separation.

Whether you separate with the intent to divorce or you simply wish to have a formalized separation, experienced Greenville divorce lawyer J. Michael Turner can represent you. It is his goal to provide you with the information you need and then work on your behalf throughout the process.

Contact us today to talk to lawyer Michael Turner and begin your case.

Representing Spouses in Separate Maintenance and Support Cases

Legal separation is an important step in many divorce claims. No-fault divorce is only possible by first living separately for one year. Legal separation requires living in two locations. Having two bedrooms in the same house is insufficient.

While formal legal separation proceedings are not required to meet the one-year minimum, it may be necessary to establish exclusive use of the marital home, assignment of debts and bill payment as well as preliminary support issues. Child custody and parenting time schedules may be established. The parties do not have to wait a year to be heard on these issues. An Order of Separate Maintenance and Support can determine these important things.

Because the things to be determined in the separation process are so significant, it is crucial to take the proceedings seriously. Our lawyers understand the importance of legal separation proceedings. We aim to protect your rights at each stage. We represent spouses in separate maintenance and support cases. Call or message us to talk about your situation.

Issues in Spousal Separations

Separation in South Carolina decides many important issues. It is likely your best opportunity to have these issues decided as part of the divorce process. As your lawyer, Michael Turner can assist you with any of the following:

  • What to do right now that may be important to your case later – and what not to do that may hurt you in the long run
  • Identifying matters that need to be handled upfront during the separation process
  • Addressing child custody, support, and parenting time schedules
  • Assigning the payment of bills while the case is pending
  • Understanding what counts as being separated to fulfill the requirements of divorce
  • Transferring titles of property
  • Negotiations on your behalf
  • Advising you and answering your questions

The separation process may be simple, and it may be complex. We work to understand your situation to ensure that we best serve your interests.

What is Considered Legally Separated in South Carolina?

It is not enough to just have separate bedrooms. To be legally separated for the purpose of getting divorced, you must live in different locations.

Is legal separation required in South Carolina?

It is not required to have a formal separation order to meet the one-year separation requirement for a South Carolina divorce. However, getting the correct temporary order in place may be critical to protecting your rights in divorce. Consult with a lawyer today to talk about your specific situation.

Is legal separation right for you?

If you are considering your options, or you are wondering how to go about a legal separation, we invite you to meet with us for a consultation. Each person has a unique story. For that reason, lawyer Michael Turner gets to know you and your situation. He identifies what is important in your family court case.

Representing you, lawyer Michael Turner provides counsel and guidance so that you can have confidence in your next steps. Then, he advocates for you. You may need to negotiate an order of separation. You may need to take formal legal steps to ask the court for the appropriate order. Whatever the case, lawyer Michael Turner is equipped to serve your legal needs.

Taking New Cases – Greenville Separation Lawyer

Talk to a Greenville separation lawyer at Turner Family Law today. We are taking new cases. Get honest advice and the personalized legal help that you need.

Call or message us today to begin.

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