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Contempt of Court

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Are you needing help enforcing a family court order? Do you need to defend against allegations that you violated a family court order?

Lawyer J. Michael Turner, Jr. represents parties in contempt of court actions. If you are a spouse or parent involved in a contempt action in the family court, Turner Family Law can assist you. Contact us today to speak with our family law attorney in Greenville.

Legal Representation for Family Law Contempt of Court Cases

Any contempt of court proceeding is a serious matter. The purpose of a contempt of court hearing is to enforce the court’s order, punish non-compliance, and uphold the authority of the court.

There are several issues that may be the subject of a family law contempt of court proceeding:

  • Failing to transfer marital assets following divorce
  • Non-cooperation with finalizing the order of divorce and financial accounts like a pension order
  • Not abiding by a visitation schedule or condition of parenting time
  • Refusing to follow a custody order
  • Failure to pay alimony or child support
  • Interfering with the judicial process, witness tampering
  • Disrespect for the court

A party in family court may be held in contempt if they violate, neglect, or refuse to obey a lawful court order. Generally, the other party begins the action by filing legal paperwork. Usually, they must file a verified petition or an affidavit. There are also service and notice requirements. As your lawyer, Michael Turner can assist you with all the steps in filing for contempt.

Penalties for Contempt of Court in South Carolina Family Court

A party held in contempt of court in South Carolina family court may face:

  • Monetary fines
  • Jail
  • Community service
  • A combination of penalties
  • Payment of legal fees and court costs for the other party

The court may also entertain a reasonable restraining order or modification of an order, like a change in parenting time.

A contempt hearing may be civil or criminal. If the court looks at the hearing as the opportunity to compel compliance with its order, it may consider what action is necessary to bring the party into compliance. If the court determines that the contempt is criminal, harsh punishment is more likely.

If you are bringing a contempt case, lawyer Michael Turner can assist you in preparing your motion, complying with procedural requirements, and gathering proof that the other party is non-compliant with the court’s order. If you are defending against a contempt case, he can assist you with responding to unfair allegations, explaining relevant circumstances to the court, and minimizing your exposure to potential penalties.

Lawyer for Divorce, Custody and Support Contempt Proceedings

A contempt proceeding is a formal court hearing. The party bringing the order must present evidence to prove their case. The party defending against it faces significant exposure in terms of financial penalties and jail time.

Turner Family Law can assist you with divorce, custody, and support contempt proceedings by answering some of these questions:

  • Can I file for contempt of court against the other party?
  • Is my case likely to be successful? What can I do to strengthen my case?
  • What procedural steps do I have to follow? How do I prepare a verified petition or affidavit?
  • Are there other options available to me?
  • What should I do if I am facing a contempt proceeding?
  • What possible outcomes am I facing?
  • How do I best take my case to court?

Michael Turner has years of experience litigating in the family courts on behalf of spouses and parents. He understands how much is at stake.

Contempt of court proceedings are stressful. You may be seeking to have the court order enforced or you may be defending yourself. Lawyer Michael Turner can be your experienced representative and guide throughout the process. Turner Family Law is here to assist you with your case.

Consultations Available – Talk to a Lawyer Now

Michael Turner can be a sounding board for your concerns while he creates a plan for your case. He will provide honest information that you can depend on as you work through the legal process.

Lawyer Michael Turner has spent years in the family courts advocating for the interests of his clients. He listens to them and works to reach their goals. For your consultation, and for immediate legal assistance, contact us by phone, email, or message.

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