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Divorce is never easy and it can become even more challenging with a contested custody battle. There are so many stories of how fathers, even those whom are responsible, caring and loving fathers, often received less than desirable outcomes. They worked diligently on my behalf to obtain the best possible divorce and parenting outcomes for me and my son. They are truly outstanding.

Turner Family Law represents spouses in same-sex and LGBTQIA+ divorces. Our law firm personalizes our representation to your unique situation. We aim to protect your rights.

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Divorce Lawyer for Same Sex and LGBTQIA+ Couples

Whatever your situation, Turner Family Law can provide experienced, personalized, and capable legal representation in your divorce case. We represent spouses in same-sex marriages who are seeking a divorce. We handle divorces involving LGBTQIA+ spouses and circumstances.

It is our goal to protect your legal rights in divorce proceedings. You deserve the protection of the law. Our legal team can represent you with the goal of achieving what is important to you in your divorce case.

For a personalized consultation, and to start your case today, contact our Greenville, SC law firm today.

Important Issues in Same Sex and LGBTQIA+ Divorce Cases

We can assist you with identifying the important issues and creating a case plan. Some things that may be critical to address in your case are:

Child custody and support

Both parents have a right to pursue custody of their children if they are both legal parents or guardians. An adoptive parent shares the same rights as a biological parent if they are both legal guardians of the child. Our lawyers can look at your situation, determine your rights and assist you with child custody and support matters.

Property division

In South Carolina, personal property is divided fairly and equitably. The court needs sufficient information to determine how to divide personal property. Our lawyers identify what is included in marital property and work toward a resolution that is in your favor.

Alimony/spousal support

The length of the marriage as well as the extent to which one spouse was financially dependent on the other are key factors in determining alimony/spousal support. Gender should not be a factor in what a spouse should pay or receive in alimony.

To properly address these issues, there are several things to do. We must identify your rights and your legal goals. We draft paperwork, pursue discovery and prioritize what is the most important for your personal situation. We resolve claims through settlement negotiations and trial.

Talk about your case with a Greenville, SC same sex divorce lawyer today. Contact Turner Family Law today.

Understanding Same Sex and LGBTQIA+ Divorces in South Carolina

Do the same laws apply to same sex divorce cases in South Carolina?

Yes, the same laws apply to all divorce cases in South Carolina. Regardless of your gender and the gender of your spouse, you have important rights regarding assets, custody of minor children and other issues.

What is the South Carolina law for same sex and LGBTQIA+ divorces?

A U.S. Supreme Court case ruling made same sex marriages lawful nationwide with the same terms and conditions as marriages between people of the opposite sex. South Carolina has followed this decision. S.C. Code Title 20 – Domestic Relations, Chapter 3, Divorce, applies to all divorces including same-sex and LGBTQIA+ spouses.

Experienced Legal Representation in Greenville, SC

Same sex and LGBTQIA+ divorce lawyer J. Michael Turner knew that he wanted to use his career to help people. As a divorced parent himself, he understands how emotional the divorce process can be. He listens to his clients and serves as their sounding board as they navigate this important time in their life.

Lawyer Michael Turner knows that so much is at stake in a divorce. Whatever you are concerned about – child custody, support and financial matters or division of especially important items, he aims to prioritize and work towards your goals. With years of experience litigating family law cases, he knows how to evaluate a situation, determine where to focus and get results.

Initial Consultation – Talk to a Lawyer Today

You can talk to a lawyer about the specifics in your case today. Get answers that are personal to your situation and see how legal representation can help you. Contact Turner Family Law in Greenville today.

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