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Turner Family Law represents fathers in paternity cases involving unwed parents. If you need help establishing parentage, including custody and support orders, family lawyer J. Michael Turner, Jr. can represent you. Contact our offices today for a consultation about your situation.

Lawyer for Paternity Cases Representing Unmarried Parents

Lawyer Michael Turner is knowledgeable in paternity cases. If you have a child, seeking a formal paternity order is beneficial for the child and the parents. Without having paternity established, there is no way for a father to have custody and parenting time officially ordered and enforced by the court. Paternity is the legal process for a child’s father to exercise his legal rights to know and support their child.

As a divorced father himself, lawyer Michael Turner knows the challenges of the family court system. If you are the father of a child, or you want to know if you are a child’s father, he can provide legal representation.

We can also represent you if you are a mother responding to a paternity action. 

Our law firm can assist you with:

  • Establishing status as the legal parent of a child
  • Understand what does – and what does not – legally establish paternity
  • Seeking custody and parenting time even if the mother does not support it
  • Asking the court for favorable orders for custody and parenting time
  • Reviewing what you should pay or receive in child support
  • Explaining and guiding you through the legal process
  • Speaking for you in court

When you are an unwed parent, the father has no automatic right to the child. For married spouses, the husband is presumed to be the father. There is no assumption for unmarried parents. You must complete an acknowledgment of paternity and have your name placed on the birth certificate. If you are not sure, you can ask for a DNA test. Ultimately, paternity may be determined by the court even if the mother does not cooperate.

Why Seek Paternity If You Are the Father of a Child?

Here are some reasons to seek paternity if you are the father of a child:

  • Children benefit from knowing their fathers. They will have the advantage of having you involved in their life.
  • A court order is enforceable. You do not have to wait for the mother to offer you time with your child.
  • With predictable schedules for parenting time, you can prioritize your time and other commitments.
  • You are looked to as the legal parent of the child if the mother passes away or is incapacitated.
  • Be recognized as a parent if there are child protective proceedings in the future.
  • The child will benefit from knowing their family history. In turn, you may seek legal access to their medical and educational records.
  • Having a formal order shows your commitment to the child.
  • Grandparents, aunts, and uncles can also know their family member.
  • You can access the court in the future for custody and parenting time matters.

At your consultation, your lawyer can explain the rights and responsibilities of a parent. We can discuss the legal process and the possible outcomes. Then, we create a personalized plan to meet your legal goals.

If you are unsure if you are the father – or if you are sure that you are not

We can help you if you need to respond in a situation where you have doubts about whether you are the father. You may know that you are unlikely to be the child’s father. If that is the case, a lawyer can help you respond in the correct way to ensure that you are heard. It is our goal to make the truth known and make it clear to the court.

Contact Us to Represent You in a Paternity Case

With a long history of representing clients in family court, Michael Turner is committed to putting his experience to work for you. Emotions can run high in family cases, especially when a father seeks to establish parentage and exercise parental rights. Attorney Michael Turner will learn your story and your situation so that he can best serve your needs.

If you are considering a paternity case, or if you are ready to get started, contact us. We value your right to know and be a parent to your child.

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