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Greenville divorce lawyer J. Michael Turner, Jr. can guide you through the process of seeking an uncontested divorce. Contact our offices today to request an initial consultation.

Lawyer Handling Uncontested Divorce in Greenville, SC

Even when you anticipate that a divorce will be uncontested, there are important things to consider:

  • How do I go about filing for an uncontested divorce?
  • What if my spouse contests the divorce unexpectedly?
  • What issues do I need to address in my final judgment?
  • How does the final judgment need to be worded to protect my rights?
  • Am I sure that I do not want to contest the divorce?

Having legal representation can help you in several ways. You want to be sure that you are handling your divorce in the best way possible.

Attorney Michael Turner is experienced in helping spouses through the uncontested divorce process. He listens to your story and asks the right questions. Then, he pursues your case efficiently while taking care of the important details.

To see how you may benefit from having a lawyer for your uncontested divorce, contact our law offices now for an initial consultation.

Understanding Uncontested Divorce

South Carolina allows divorcing spouses to pursue their cases in two different ways – contested and uncontested. In an uncontested divorce, the parties agree on everything. The court accepts the paperwork and issues a judgment of divorce. There is no discovery and no trial.

Is it best to have an uncontested divorce?

It is true that proceeding with an uncontested divorce can make the process faster and less expensive. Sometimes, it is in the best interests of a party to proceed with the divorce uncontested. However, depending on the issues in dispute and the compromise required, it may not be appropriate to have an uncontested divorce.

At your consultation, we can talk about the pros and cons of each possible course of action. We can discuss whether an uncontested divorce is right for you.

How long does an uncontested divorce take in South Carolina?

The only available grounds for an uncontested divorce in South Carolina are living apart for at least one continuous year. That means it takes at least a year to even get started. Then, if all your paperwork is organized, your uncontested divorce will take two or three months to finalize.

If I have an uncontested divorce, will I still go to court?

In an uncontested divorce, there is no formal trial. However, there is a short hearing to finalize the judgment. The court ensures that there are grounds for divorce, and it approves your settlement. It is a routine hearing, and lawyer Michael Turner can represent you.

Issues to Address in an Uncontested Divorce

Here are the issues to be sure to address in an uncontested divorce:

  • Identification, valuation, and division of assets
  • Assignment of debts
  • What minor children are a part of the order including expected children
  • Legal and physical child custody, parenting plans
  • Any post-divorce loose ends to tie up, like transferring financial accounts
  • Residency of the parties and the court’s jurisdiction over the case
  • That the judgment of the divorce is being entered and is entered into freely and voluntarily

Even when a divorce is uncontested, it is important to make sure all the issues are addressed. Leaving things out may prevent your judgment from being finalized. If issues are missed, it is unlikely that you will be able to return to court to address them.

Why Choose Lawyer Michael Turner for Help With Your Uncontested Divorce?

As a divorced father, Michael Turner knows how stressful any divorce can be. It is his goal to identify your legal needs and meet them. He aims to help you work efficiently to pursue your case while protecting your rights. With years of experience litigating on behalf of spouses in South Carolina, he can review your situation and discuss the options for your case.

Initial Consultation – Talk to a Lawyer Now

See if an uncontested divorce is right for you. Learn what you need to consider and how the law applies to your specific situation.

Call Turner Family Law founder Michael Turner today for your initial consultation.

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