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Greenville parental rights lawyer J. Michael Turner, Jr. knows how challenging court can be. You need an advocate for your legal rights. Contact Turner Family Law today to speak with a dedicated family lawyer and  see how we can assist with your case.

Parental Rights Lawyer in Greenville, SC

Michael Turner is a parental rights lawyer. He believes in the importance of parents having a strong relationship with their children. He handles parent’s rights and father’s rights cases in Greenville, SC, and the surrounding areas.

If you are seeking a relationship with your child, here is what you should know:

  • As a father, you have rights. However, your rights are not automatic. Parentage must be established.
  • You have the right to seek custody and parenting time with your child
  • Even if the mother does not want you to have access to the child, you may petition for a court order. It is rare for a court to deny parenting time outright. You may seek physical and/or legal custody and a parenting time schedule
  • How you approach your case may greatly impact the outcome. You must take the legal steps and provide the evidence that the court needs to see to reach the right conclusion
  • When you have a lawyer, they can explain your options, possible outcomes, and represent you assertively in the courts

How an Experienced Parental Rights Lawyer Can Help

Here are some situations where parental rights lawyer Michael Turner can assist you:

  • Establishing paternity, custody, and support for the first time
  • Getting access to the child when there is currently no court order in place
  • Taking action if the mother is withholding the child from you
  • Filing enforcement or contempt actions if the mother denies your court-ordered parenting time
  • Seeking primary physical or legal custody when it is in the child’s best interests
  • Asking the court for specific parenting time and conditions that are necessary for the safety of the child
  • Negotiating a non-trial resolution or taking your case to court
  • Explaining your rights and obligations as a father
  • Addressing allegations made by the mother or third parties, like allegations of domestic violence or substance abuse
  • Ensuring that child support is calculated and accounted for accurately

South Carolina law does not have a gender preference in child custody determinations. S.C Code § 63-15-10 abolished a historical preference for the mother. However, a father seeking custody may still need to overcome incorrect presumptions or biases that some people still have today about the role of fatherhood.

Your parental rights are important – you should exercise them. You can fight for your right to have a relationship with your children. We believe your rights matter, and we want to help you pursue your case effectively. We understand how the courts operate and know what works for fathers when they are in family court. You will see early on how hard we will work on your behalf.

Parental/Father’s Rights in South Carolina

Family court can be difficult for fathers. There are many ways that a parental/father’s rights case can quickly become complicated. Whatever the situation, we can assist you with pursuing your legal goals. Each person has a unique story and it is our goal to understand your circumstances so that we can advocate effectively for you and your child.

Success in parental/father’s rights cases begins long before your court date arrives. You must establish realistic goals, identify potential stumbling blocks, and carefully prepare the evidence you need to make your case. There is no one “right” way to pursue every case. We understand that the process can be challenging and frustrating. We are committed to protecting and pursuing your rights.

If you have questions about parental rights, or you are ready to begin your case, contact us. Ask for a consultation and learn about our legal representation. We are happy to discuss your case and answer your questions.

Talk to a Lawyer Now

Lawyer Michael Turner has been litigating on behalf of clients in the family court for years. He dedicates his practice to helping people through family court matters. Parental rights are important, but court is seldom easy. Michael Turner is here to represent you. He will advocate for you and the best interests of your child.

To talk to a parental rights lawyer now, call or send us a message. We can begin today and we look forward to working with you.

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