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The end of my marriage is likely one of the most difficult thing I have encountered. Finding a good lawyer who was immediately ready to go to work on my behalf was not difficult at all. The team there were certainly good at what they do, but more importantly, they cared about me as a person. They walked me through every step and were very helpful with the documentation and the many other things I encountered. The services Mr Turner and his team provided me was second to none. They are caring professionals.

Greenville custody lawyer J. Michael Turner, Jr. can represent you in your child custody case. He represents parents in claims to establish and modify custody orders in Greenville, SC, and the surrounding areas. For a consultation and to begin your case, contact Michael Turner Family Law today to speak with a compassionate family law attorney.

Child Custody Lawyer Serving Clients in Greenville, SC

Child custody and parenting time are some of the most emotional – and important – kinds of court cases. It is so much more than a court case. It is establishing family bonds and your ability to have a relationship with your children. It means having court orders that are in your children’s best interests.

Lawyer Michael Turner, of Turner Family Law, understands what is at stake. As a divorced father himself, he knows the importance of having assertive legal representation during custody proceedings. He can assist you with:

  • Understanding South Carolina child custody laws and your rights
  • Filing for custody or responding to filings from the other parent
  • Creating a legal strategy and priorities for your case
  • Negotiating your settlement and non-trial resolution if appropriate
  • Presenting your case at trial
  • Giving you honest advice and counsel about the likely outcome of court proceedings
  • Explaining the rights and duties of parents
  • Taking legal action to establish or modify child custody and parenting time orders
  • Presenting your case at a hearing including presenting evidence, questioning witnesses, and making arguments to the court

Success in a child custody proceeding begins with first understanding the law. A child custody order may be generic, or it may be detailed depending on what the circumstances warrant.

Having experienced Greenville custody lawyer Michael Turner as your representative can give you the guidance and legal understanding that you need to navigate this situation effectively. Contact us today to discuss your options and begin your case.

Types of Custody Situations We Handle – How We Can Represent You

Here are some child custody cases that our law firm may assist you with:

Establishing custody and creating a parenting plan

Establishing child custody for the first time means determining the legal and physical custody of the child. Who may make major decisions regarding the child’s upbringing? Who will provide day-to-day care for the child or children? A custody order may be unique to address special situations that are relevant to a child’s best interests.

Parent/child visitation

The court may award joint or sole custody to either parent. The court may consider anything relevant such as the ability of the parents to cooperate, the child’s background in the community, any history of domestic violence, and the recent relocation of either parent, if applicable. As your lawyer, we help you make a compelling case.

Contempt of court

Unfortunately, parents do not always follow court orders as they should. If you need the help of the court to enforce an order, our law firm can represent you. In addition, we can help you respond to contempt allegations brought against you by the other parent.

Paternity/unwed parent

If you are an unwed parent seeking to establish paternity for the first time, we can assist you. A paternity action can establish you as a legal parent of the child, determine custody and create a child support order. Either parent can motion the court to establish paternity. Having a lawyer means working with a professional to make the process efficient. We handle contact with the other party on your behalf.

DSS defense

If the Department of Social Services is involved in your family, lawyer Michael Turner can assist you with DSS defense. Allegations from DSS must be taken seriously. It is a scary situation, but there are things that you can do to protect yourself and your children. You need to know your rights and what to do. We help parents fight back against the allegations in DSS defense cases.

Kinship adoptions

We handle stepparent and grandparent adoption cases. We can take the steps on your behalf, explain the process, and minimize the strain of the legal proceedings.

Legal Issues in Child Custody Cases

Some of the legal issues we may assist you with in your child custody case include:

  • Legal and physical custody, establishment, and modification
  • Visitation and parenting time plans
  • Situations where the parents are a significant distance apart
  • Military and military spouse cases
  • Relocation requests
  • Special medical and educational needs of children
  • Requests for extraordinary child support because of exceptional circumstances
  • How to word a child custody or parenting time agreement so everyone clearly understands what is expected
  • Conditions for the exchange of the children at a specific time or location
  • Payment for extracurriculars or post-secondary expenses
  • Father’s rights
  • Situations involving family/domestic violence
  • Circumstances where a parent has a physical or mental health problem that may interfere with parenting the child
  • Third-party custody involving grandparents, other family members, and other third parties
  • Enforcement of court orders

Each child custody and parenting time order should reflect the specifics of the situation. Sometimes, it is appropriate to reach a settlement or negotiated resolution. Other times, the only option is to aggressively pursue the case in court. Having a Greenville custody lawyer helps you to evaluate the situation clearly and create a plan for the best interests of your children.

Experienced Greenville Custody Lawyer Representing Mothers and Fathers

Here are some reasons people choose to work with Michael Turner of Turner Family Law for their custody case:

  • Cases handled in Greenville and the surrounding areas. Michael Turner is a member of the Greenville County Bar Association and the South Carolina Bar Association.
  • Licensed to practice in South Carolina. With a juris doctorate degree from Samford University Cumberland School of Law, Michael Turner is well-equipped to handle your legal needs.
  • Award-winning representation, and community leadership. Greenville Business Magazine named Michael Turner to their list of Legal Elite.
  • Experience that gets results. Michael Turner has a long history of advocating for parents in child custody cases.
  • Personal focus. Each case is different. Early on, you will see how hard the team at Turner Family Law will work for you. A custody case is so important to you and to your children. As your sounding board and advocate, Michael Turner will create a plan for your success.

Begin your case with an initial consultation with Turner Family Law. Talk to a Greenville custody lawyer and secure your representation today. We look forward to serving you. Contact us today.

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