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Read below about common family law issues and developments in the law in South Carolina.

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South Carolina Custody Laws : How to Get Custody of a Child

South Carolina custody laws can be difficult for parents to navigate. When the relationship between two parents end, they must …

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Do Grandparents Have Rights to Visitation?

Many South Carolina grandparents play an active part in raising their grandchildren. Does South Carolina have grandparents’ rights? While state …

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How Does Divorce Affect Social Security Benefits in South Carolina?

After a divorce, your financial future may look quite a bit different than it did during your marriage. Recognizing how …

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Child Support Laws in South Carolina

As of January 2024, there are new guidelines for child support laws in South Carolina, with several notable changes. If …

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South Carolina Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents

Many children today are born to unmarried parents in South Carolina. If the parental relationship ends, questions may arise about …

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How Are Business Assets Divided in a Divorce in South Carolina?

Dividing business assets in a divorce adds a unique wrinkle to the process that not everyone is familiar with. Handling …

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Can a Parent Take a Child Out of State in South Carolina?

The other parent took your child out of state, or they’re threatening to. Can they do that? What can you …

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What Are Final Divorce Hearings in South Carolina?

A final divorce hearing in South Carolina is the last hearing before your divorce is finalized. In the hearing, the …

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Can You Date Someone While Divorcing in South Carolina?

One of the most frequently asked questions that divorce attorneys receive is: can you date while separated in South Carolina? …

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What is a Non-Working Spouse Entitled to in a Divorce?

Whether a spouse worked during the marriage can have an effect on what that party could win in a divorce …

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