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Divorce is never easy and it can become even more challenging with a contested custody battle. There are so many stories of how fathers, even those whom are responsible, caring and loving fathers, often received less than desirable outcomes. They worked diligently on my behalf to obtain the best possible divorce and parenting outcomes for me and my son. They are truly outstanding.

Greenville divorce lawyer J. Michael Turner, Jr. represents individuals in divorce proceedings. Whether you are ready to initiate a divorce, are responding to a complaint for divorce, or are involved in post-divorce proceedings, Turner Family Law attorney Michael Turner can represent your interests.

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Attorney Handling Divorces in Greenville, SC

Making the decision to divorce is never easy. Alternatively, if your spouse has started the process for divorce, it can be hard to know how to respond. When you need an attorney handling divorce matters in Greenville, SC, Michael Turner can work on your behalf.

Attorney Michael Turner represents parties in divorce and related proceedings. Get in touch with us today to talk about your situation and see how we can assist you.

Ways an Experienced Divorce Lawyer Can Help You

No two divorce cases are alike. Whether your marriage is short or long-term, whether it involves children, a prenuptial agreement, asset disputes, or other issues, how you handle things now impacts your future – potentially for years to come.

  • Filing and responding to paperwork
  • Complying with court orders, drafting motions and responses
  • Identifying contested issues and prioritizing goals
  • Preserving your rights
  • Addressing important issues like child custody, support, alimony, orders of protection, asset identification, division of assets, and more
  • Understanding the potential long-term costs of various courses of action
  • Appreciating any especially challenging or consequential issues in the case like high-conflict situations, hidden or depleted assets, truthfulness/candor to the court, high-value assets, a spouse avoiding service, and more
  • Handling claims involving domestic violence
  • Knowing how to draft and pursue a divorce judgment that will work well for you in the future

You can have an experienced professional representing your interests, giving you the guidance and perspective to pursue your case in an effective way.

Contact attorney Michael Turner to see how he can help you.

Our approach to divorce

A divorce is one of the most consequential proceedings that most people have in their lifetime. Having your case handled properly can give you justice, peace of mind, and a path going forward. Our approach to divorce cases is to be a sounding board for our clients. By listening, we can truly understand your situation.

Then, we can pursue the course of action that best represents your interests. We resolve cases through both hearings and settlement negotiations, depending on what is appropriate for the case. It is our goal to achieve results that are tailored to your situation.

Divorces With and Without Children

Turner Family Law attorney Michael Turner handles divorce cases that do or do not involve minor children. Whatever the issues in your case, we welcome you to learn more about our services.

Grounds for Divorce in South Carolina

There are five grounds for divorce in South Carolina:

  • No-fault
  • Adultery
  • Habitual drunkenness
  • Physical cruelty
  • Abandonment

You may proceed with your divorce even if the other spouse does not want the divorce. They cannot deny you a divorce. Attorney Michael Turner can assist you in determining what grounds you may use to file. We can talk about what the requirements are and what you can do right now to help your case.

Types of Divorce Cases We Handle

Meet Divorce Attorney Michael Turner

As a divorced father himself, attorney Michael Turner understands how stressful – and important – divorce can be. He empathizes with his clients and knows how much it matters that you get results.

Here are some reasons that people choose Turner Family Law:

  • Handling cases in Greenville Family Court and surrounding county courts
  • Experienced in the local courts and the small details that are critical to pursuing a case
  • Able to handle a wide variety of issues and questions, including claims with multiple complex factors and high-stakes issues
  • Cases are resolved through hearings and settlements with no single approach or philosophy. Your case is tailored to your needs and goals
  • Guidance throughout the case including preparation for each step and what to expect
  • Clear explanation of the various options and what to consider as you make key decisions
  • Named to the Legal Elite List by Greenville Business Magazine
  • Membership in the Greenville County Bar Association and South Carolina Bar Association
  • Graduate of the University of South Carolina and Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law

Throughout your case, we focus on communication. Michael Turner empathizes with his clients and the stresses associated with getting divorced. He is here to be a professional advocate for you while you are going through what is likely an emotional process. When Michael Turner represents you, you will quickly see how hard he will work to advocate for your interests.

Consultations Available — Ask for Your Consultation

If you are considering getting divorced, or if the process has already begun, we invite you to speak with attorney Michael Turner.

Start your case with a consultation with us. Get answers to your questions and see if our law firm is right for you.


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First, we will conduct an initial consultation and we will go over all the facts and details of your case.

Filing and Negotiations

We submit a Complaint to the Court, or help you respond to one. Hearings and negotiations take place.

Final Order

Following mediation, all unsettled parts of your case will be determined by the trial judge who issues final rulings.

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