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Michael Turner assisted me with my separation and divorce process with my spouse. He was very kind, communicative, consistent, and clear in his recommendations to me. He worked well with my spouse's attorney and we all managed to be amicable throughout the process. Ultimately, Michael saved me a lot of time and money and advocated strongly for me. I am appreciative of his services and that of his team.

When you need an order of protection lawyer, J. Michael Turner, Jr. of Turner Family Law is here to represent your interests. He serves clients in Greenville as a dedicated family law attorney. Contact us today for a consultation and to begin your case.

Lawyer for Protection Orders in Greenville, SC

Michael Turner represents parties who are seeking, modifying, or fighting a protection order. Whether you are wanting to get a protection order or you are challenging it, you deserve justice. With years of experience litigating in family court, Michael Turner is equipped to get results.

Family court can be emotional. We understand. It can also be a situation where a lot is at stake. The order of protection might be the only matter before the court. On the other hand, it may be part of a current or upcoming divorce and custody dispute. Regardless of the situation, the case is likely very important to you and your family.

It is our goal to fully represent your interests and protect your rights. We invite you to call or message us to talk to our legal team and begin your case today.

Understanding Protection Orders in South Carolina

Who may seek a protection order in South Carolina?

Parties who may seek a protection order in South Carolina, in relation to the victim:

  • Spouse
  • Ex-spouse
  • People who have a child in common
  • Live-in partner of the opposite sex
  • Former live-in partner of the opposite sex

If the petitioner and respondent fall into one of these relationships, a petitioner may seek an order of protection. If one of these relationships is not present, the person may seek a restraining order.

What is the standard to get a protection order in South Carolina?

The standard to get a protection order in South Carolina is that abuse of a household member has occurred and the petitioner is in need of protection. Abuse may include physical harm, the threat of physical harm, or sexual criminal offenses against a family or household member.

*A member of the household may petition on behalf of a minor.

How does an order of protection work in South Carolina?

An order of protection in South Carolina directs the respondent to refrain from engaging in certain behaviors. These restrictions are related to contacting, harassing, and harming the petitioner. If the respondent violates the order, they face penalties including jail, fines, and community service.

Can a protection order be contested?

Yes, a protection order can be contested by attending the hearing and presenting evidence. The person can also move to modify the order or have it dismissed.

Speak to a Lawyer About Your Protection Order

If you are wondering how to best pursue or respond to an order of protection, we invite you to speak with a lawyer. Michael Turner helps people with family court matters and will give you an honest evaluation of the things you need to consider as you navigate this situation.

Why Fight a Protection Order?

A protection order is a serious court matter. If someone has petitioned for an order against you, there are several reasons that it may be important to contest the order.

  • Child custody and support: The court may create child custody and support orders as part of a protection order. If you do not contest the protection order now, it may establish a precedent for an upcoming divorce or custody case. Pursuing custody, visitation, and support orders may require aggressively responding to the protection order even if the divorce has not been filed or it is in the early stages.
  • Exposure to jail and fines: Violation of a protection order may result in jail of up to one year or more if the offense involves a weapon. There may be fines and other penalties.
  • Prohibitions and restrictions on liberty: When there is a protection order, you must follow the conditions exactly. These restrictions can make it difficult to go about your business. Fighting the protection order or even working to address the terms can make your life manageable, allow you to get items of personal property that you need, and equip you to abide by the terms of the order.
  • Firearm possession: S.C. Code § 16-25-30 prohibits a person from possessing a firearm or ammunition if they are the subject of a protection order. This restriction can be a problem for employment and other activities.
  • Mutual restraining order: South Carolina permits mutual restraining orders. If you have been the victim of abusive behavior from the petitioner, you, too, may receive an order of protection.

A protection order can be damaging to your freedom, reputation, and to a pending or future divorce or custody case. However, you can fight a protection order. Having a lawyer can assist you in presenting your case clearly with your goals in mind.

How Can a Lawyer Help With an Order of Protection?

An order of protection lawyer may help you with any of the following:

  • Reviewing what is required to get an order of protection and if you qualify to receive one
  • Preparing and filing your legal paperwork, serving the other party
  • Requesting the relief that is appropriate under the law, including custody, support, and temporary possession of the marital property
  • Attending your hearing and representing you
  • Evaluating the situation and giving you honest advice, exploring various options
  • Addressing a petition that has been filed against you
  • Filing paperwork to modify or terminate an order
  • Explaining exactly what is required of you to comply with the order
  • Considering the big picture and all your options

Needing to go to court for a restraining order can be extremely stressful and emotional. At the same time, it is critical to have your interests clearly represented and brought before the court. You can have professional legal representation assisting you through the entire process.

Consultation with an Order of Protection Lawyer in Greenville, SC

Lawyer Michael Turner knew that he wanted to use his legal career to help people. Protection orders are extremely important legal matters. When you need experienced representation to guide you and advocate for you, Turner Family Law is here to represent your interests. He can represent you in Greenville, SC, and nearby areas.

Ask for your consultation regarding an order of protection today. Michael Turner listens to his clients, walks them through the process, and works toward their legal goals. See how we can help you and begin as early as today. Contact us now.

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