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Family court is rarely easy. Michael Turner and his team will help you take back control of your life and guide you through the family court process while protecting what’s yours.

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My Attorney J Michael Turner is fantastic. Hes professional and courteous at all times and very knowledgeable and reassuring about my family's situation. Michael will come out front and talk with me about how my family is doing.

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A word from our founder:

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Mike Turner
There’s no way to sugar-coat it, divorce is hard. The most important thing is protecting your children, your assets, and your sanity. The last thing you should be worrying about is an unresponsive attorney.

If you work with our firm for your divorce or family law matter, I promise you that we will give your case the utmost attention & responsiveness. You will always be in the loop about each decision we make in your case, and we will always give you the final say when it comes to you and your family’s future. Mr. Turner will aggressively advocate for your case in court to obtain the absolute best possible result.

As a divorced dad myself, I know that this process can be extremely difficult and emotionally draining, that’s why I dedicated my practice to helping others who are in the same situation that I was in. I am eager and passionate about going to trial for you where I can use my extensive litigation experience in court.

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Cases We Handle

Cases We Handle
No two divorce cases or family situations are alike. Turner Family Law is willing to help with any issue affecting what matters most to you. Learn about our services below.


We handle all types of divorce cases, including contested, uncontested and collaborative divorce. We also help with modifying post-divorce judgments.

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Family Law

Family Law

There’s a lot at stake in family law proceedings. Turner Family Law supports and strategizes with you to determine the best course for legal action.

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Child Custody

Child Custody

We can help you navigate the many issues in child custody cases, including visitation and parenting plans, paternal rights, and relocation.

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Family Court

Family Court

Michael Turner is a Greenville family court mediation lawyer who can help you understand what to expect during the important negotiation process.

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Name Changes

Name Changes

We offer help throughout the multiple steps of name change petitions to reflect you or your child’s current family relationship or identity.

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Order of Protection

Order of Protection

We represent those who want to obtain, modify, or fight a protection order. We protect petitioners or prevent a petition from damaging your freedom.

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Child Support

Child Support

We help sort through issues like income, insurance and other expenses for accurate child support calculations, including modification and enforcement.

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Property Division

Property Division

We work to align with your goals and the state of South Carolina’s requirements to divide marital property equitably between spouses.

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Greenville family law attorney J. Michael Turner, Jr. has dedicated his career to representing clients in Family Court. He handles client matters including divorce, child custody, child support, Order enforcement, and ALL other family law matters. From the initial filing of divorce through to litigation, he will advocate for you and your interest every step of the way to achieve a satisfactory end result.

Michael Turner was a Lead Litigator for one of the largest family law and divorce litigation firms in the United States where he won numerous accolades. Mr. Turner also served as the Practice Quality Manager for the entire firm. Let him use his extensive litigation skills to represent you.

If you need help with a family court issue, or if you are even wondering how a lawyer can help you, please contact Turner Family Law. Our firm aims to help you reach your goals in family court, protecting your rights and pursuing your interests in litigation.

Family Law Attorney in Greenville, SC

When you need to go to family court, so much is at stake. It is a difficult and emotional process. Family law attorney Michael Turner empathizes with his clients. As a divorced father himself, he knows the stress of separation, divorce, and custody issues. Michael Turner is prepared to litigate and guide clients through family court proceedings pairing knowledge of the client’s unique situation with his knowledge of the law and family court.

When you need help from a family lawyer, Michael Turner can explain your rights and options. As your representative, he can tailor a plan to pursue your legal goals.

Types of Cases We Handle



Your divorce proceedings and outcomes are likely to affect you for years to come. It is for that reason that clients trust Michael Turner to address the issues of their case while protecting their rights. Turner Family Law can represent you in your divorce and all related issues. We can also assist you with obtaining an Order of Separate Maintenance and Support. We handle both no-fault and fault situations.

Child custody 

The court may award physical and legal custody to one or both parents. As child custody is one of the most complex issues in Family Court litigation, it is important to understand what the court looks at and what evidence to present. Our law firm can assist you with negotiations or with presenting your case at a hearing. We explain your options and negotiate on your behalf.

Child support 

In South Carolina, child support is based on the incomes of both parents. However, it is rarely a simple matter. We can determine if child support has been calculated correctly in your case. We can take action on your behalf to challenge an incorrect determination.


When determining an alimony award, the court considers many factors like anticipated earnings, the standard of living during the marriage, marital misconduct, and employment history. When we represent you, we present the court with the necessary information to reach the correct decision.

Parental rights

In a parental rights case, you may address paternity, child custody, financial support, and visitation. We can assist you with all aspects of your parental rights case.

Orders of Protection 

Turner Family Law helps people request and respond to Orders of Protection. We can assist with filing an order, responding, and attending your hearing. We also handle the legal process of serving the paperwork.

Name changes 

There are many reasons that a person may want to change their name and several steps involved to make a petition successful. Having a lawyer will ensure that you follow the correct procedure. Whether you are petitioning for yourself or for a minor child, we can assist you.

Post-Order modification or enforcement 

Sometimes, a family court order needs to be modified. Michael Turner can advise you on whether or not your request for modification (or defense of a modification action) is strong enough to likely produce your desired outcome.

Orders of the Court also need to be enforced if a party is non-compliant. Michael Turner can assist you in determining your options and representing your interests throughout the process.

How a Family Law Attorney Can Help You

Reaching a positive result in a family court case begins long before your court date arrives. Arriving at the right resolution means anticipating legal issues and focusing on your case plan.

Here are some of the ways that attorney Michael Turner may assist you in a family court case:

  • Determining if you can file your case and what you need to do to get started
  • Responding if your spouse or other parent has initiated a case
  • Explaining your options, evaluating the pros and cons of each option
  • Giving honest information about the likelihood of success of a possible course of action
  • Developing a case strategy and areas to focus on
  • Guiding you through settlement negotiations
  • Investigating to fully understand the facts and gather the evidence
  • Litigating if necessary in complex family law situations
  • Presenting the information that the court needs to hear to understand the situation
  • Helping you interpret a court order and what may be required of you
  • Strategizing effectively and handling interactions in high-conflict situations
  • Presenting your case at a hearing, appealing as necessary

In any family court case, you need to know what you can do and what you should do. Family law is complex, and there are details that can make a big difference. You have important rights in the family law system. However, you must exercise them effectively.

Michael Turner is ready to be a sounding board for his clients’ concerns. He is prepared to take your case to trial should the required mediation not result in an agreement between the parties. He explains the law and how it relates to your situation. Together, you develop a case plan to focus on what is truly important. He understands where you are coming from, and he advocates for your interests.

Would you like to talk to a lawyer about your specific situation? We invite you to contact us for a consultation. Learn how the law applies to your circumstances and how a lawyer can help.

Family Court in Greenville, SC – address and information

In South Carolina, family law cases are heard in Family Court. These are specialty courts that exclusively hear legal matters that impact the family. They have the same names and numbers as the circuit courts. For example, in Greenville, family court is known as The Family Court of the 13th Judicial Circuit. Both Greenville and Pickens Counties share the 13th Judicial Circuit.

The Greenville Family Court is located at 350 Halton Road, Post Office Box 27107, Greenville, SC 29616. Court clerk hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mondays-Fridays. Pickens County Family Court has a different location.

We can represent you in Greenville County and any of the nearby counties, including Spartanburg, Laurens and Anderson. Attorney Turner is highly experienced in the local courts and understands the local procedures that are critical to success in family law cases.

Experienced Legal Representation from a Family Law Attorney in Greenville, SC

Attorney Michael Turner has years of experience litigating in family court and other civil matters. He is deeply familiar with the nature of family law litigation — of how the facts are ever-changing and multiple legal issues are often under dispute at once, sometimes through multiple hearings.

Here are some reasons clients choose to work with Michael Turner of Turner Family Law:

  • Extensive history litigating in family matters, including divorce, child custody, support and alimony, and more
  • Cases of all complexities are handled including high net worth, hidden assets, and high-conflict child custody matters
  • Representation is based on client communication involving trust and an understanding of the personal goals of the client. Truly knowing the client’s situation enables him to work for the client’s goals
  • Named to Greenville Business Magazine’s Legal Elite List
  • He is licensed in South Carolina, representing clients in Greenville and the surrounding courts
  • Member of the Greenville County Bar Association, Laurens County Bar Association, and South Carolina Bar Association
  • Member of Family Law Section of South Carolina Bar
  • Member of the American Bar Association-Family Law Section
  • Member of the Family Law Section of the South Carolina Bar
  • Member of the American Bar Association – Family Law Section
  • A graduate of the Samford University Cumberland School of Law and the University of South Carolina with a double major in Business Administration and Management and Marketing

Early on, you will see how hard Michael Turner will work for your rights and interests. Have a determined legal professional working for you.

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Our Greenville family law attorney is currently offering consultations and accepting new family court cases. If you need assistance with a family court matter, contact our offices for your consultation. We can even begin representing you immediately after your consultation.

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We submit a Complaint to the Court, or help you respond to one. Hearings and negotiations take place.

Final Order

Following mediation, all unsettled parts of your case will be determined by the trial judge who issues final rulings.

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