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Greenville Modification of Final Judgment and Prior Orders

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Are you considering asking the court for modification of a final judgment or prior order in a divorce or family law proceeding? Has your spouse filed a motion and you need help responding?

J. Michael Turner, Jr. is a divorce attorney in Greenville, South Carolina handling modification of final judgment and prior orders in divorce and family law cases. If you need legal counsel or advocacy in your case, he invites you to contact Turner Family Law for a consultation about your situation.

Final Judgment/Prior Order Modification in Divorce, Family Law, and Custody

Sometimes, it is necessary to ask a court to change an order in a divorce proceeding. The court may have already issued a final judgment, or it may be a preliminary order that needs modification. Whatever the circumstances, the request must be brought to the court thoughtfully. You must assert the correct legal grounds and take the right steps procedurally.

Types of Family Court Judgments and Orders That May Be Modified

Some types of family court orders that may be subject to modification are:

  • Child custody and parenting time schedules
  • Child support modification, including unique situations of a child in high school after 18 or an adult disabled child, changes in income or custody
  • Alimony based on a change in circumstances or qualifying event for termination
  • Deferred distribution of assets such as a marital home
  • Retirement benefits including pensions
  • A party hiding assets or other dishonesty during divorce proceedings

These are just some examples – your situation may be different.

Greenville attorney Michael Turner has extensive experience representing spouses in divorce and family law cases. He understands the legal standards for requesting a change to an existing court order. It is his goal to provide you with honest advice and assertive legal advocacy to reach your goals.

Contact us today for a consultation and to begin your case.

Legal Representation for Divorce Judgment Modification

It is our goal to give you the advice and legal advocacy that you need to make your claim successful. We can assist you with answers to these questions:

  • Can a final order be modified?
  • What parts of a final order can be modified? Can the court grant what I am looking for?
  • What do I need to state in my legal paperwork to have grounds to modify the court order?
  • How do I prove the appropriate grounds for modification?
  • What are the potential benefits and risks of possible courses of action?
  • Is this a situation where I can negotiate? If so, how do I negotiate in my best interests?
  • What evidence should I prepare to present to the court?

Modification of a final order or judgment in family court is often complex. It begins with understanding procedural rules so that you make your motion in the correct way. There may be time limits on filing, so do not wait to contact us to talk about your case.

Lawyers for Changing a Divorce or Custody Ruling

Making the decision to pursue changing a divorce or custody ruling is a difficult one. It is important to have a full understanding of what is involved and the potential outcomes. Alternatively, if you are responding to a legal motion, you must determine how to best approach the situation.

Lawyer Michael Turner can help you evaluate the situation and create realistic goals. Although you are likely not looking forward to going back to court, Michael Turner can help you create goals and a strategy to pursue them.

As a divorced father, Michael Turner understands the importance of having the correct orders and judgments in your divorce case. He knows that qualified legal counsel can make a difficult process more manageable. It is his goal to be your advocate, keeping you informed of everything going on in your case.

Consultations Available — Talk to a Lawyer Today

Work with lawyer Michael Turner for your modification of a final judgment or prior order in a divorce or family law proceeding. Turner Family Law can assist you in Greenville and the surrounding areas.

For your consultation, contact us today. See how we may assist you, get answers to your questions, and start your case. Call or message us now.

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