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When you need a lawyer for DSS defense, J. Michael Turner, Jr. of Turner Family Law can represent you. Work with an experienced DSS defense lawyer to protect your family. Contact us today to speak with an experienced family law attorney in Greenville.

Learning that the South Carolina Department of Social Services is investigating your family can fill you with dread. You can fight back when DSS comes knocking on your door. It can be hard to know what you have to do and what you should do to protect your family. Turner Family Law can fight for you and with you.

Lawyer that Handles DSS Cases

Michael Turner is a lawyer that handles DSS cases. He knows how challenging it can be to be up against DSS when they accuse you of abuse or neglect. So much is at stake. You need legal representation to assist you through the process. If the case goes to court, you need someone who can challenge the state’s case and aggressively fight the allegations.

It is best to involve a DSS defense lawyer as early as possible when there are allegations against you. We can start working on your case immediately, including handling any temporary or emergency matters. Contact us today for a consultation and to start your case.

Fighting DSS Abuse and Neglect Allegations

Lawyer Michael Turner may assist you with:

  • Law enforcement or DSS emergency removal of the child
  • Allegations that you have abused or neglected your child
  • DSS seeking a court order to move the child to foster care
  • Requesting the return of your children and exercising your hearing rights
  • Visitation while in foster care, relative placement
  • DSS imposition of treatment or services
  • Modifying a treatment or services plan so that you can comply with it
  • Probable cause and merit hearings
  • Termination of parental rights petition
  • Fighting a petition to place you on the central registry of abuse and neglect

There are many stages to a DSS case. Each one of them is important. The allegations should be addressed directly at every opportunity. DSS does not have the final say about the removal of your children or termination of parental rights. You can fight the allegations in court, but you must be well prepared. With an experienced lawyer representing you, you can have a level playing field against DSS. See how we can help you today by contacting our offices.

Your Rights Against DSS in SC

When you are accused of abuse or neglect in SC, you have the right to challenge the allegations and take your case before a court. You have the right to question evidence and witnesses. You may have a lawyer represent you throughout the process.

Lawyer Child Abuse/Neglect DSS Cases

When DSS becomes involved in your family, it can quickly become overwhelming. There are times when it is best to refuse services or a treatment plan, and there are times when it is best to agree. If you participate in services or treatment, you must know exactly what is required of you to prevent further intervention from DSS and the courts.

DSS is subject to case procedure. They cannot simply do whatever they want. There are timelines for hearings, and you may ask the court for visitation or certain conditions that are favorable to you. You may ask the court to return your children and throw out the allegations entirely. There are legal standards and burdens of proof. The state must prove the case against you, and you have the right to respond.

Navigating a DSS case successfully takes considerable thought. It is a legal proceeding, and you must be prepared to challenge the state’s case. All of it can quickly become overwhelming, but lawyer Michael Turner can help.

For DSS Defense, Talk to a Lawyer Today

Michael Turner founded Turner Family Law because he wanted to use his career to help people. With a long history of litigating on behalf of parents in South Carolina family court, Michael Turner is equipped to assist you when you need help with DSS defense. He can be your sounding board, give you honest advice, and create a strategy to assertively fight the allegations against you.

It is not easy to have a DSS case, but you do not have to fight alone. You can have professional legal representation that is on your side and working to protect your family. Your lawyer can identify what is important, give you guidance and pursue your rights.

If DSS is involved, or if they are investigating your family, do not wait to contact a lawyer. Call or message Turner Family Law now. Get in touch with us today.

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