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Read below about common family law issues and developments in the law in South Carolina.

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When Does Child Support End in South Carolina?

When the court signs off on a child support order, the terms are not necessarily permanent. Situations can change for …

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What Are the Grounds for Divorce in South Carolina?

As a South Carolina resident who finds your marriage ending, you may find it difficult to navigate the legal issues …

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How to File for Divorce in South Carolina

Deciding to file for divorce in South Carolina raises questions for spouses, especially around residency requirements, the process itself required …

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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in South Carolina?

Whether the decision to get divorced is yours, your spouse’s, or mutual, it is an emotional process that leaves people …

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Annulment of a Marriage in South Carolina

South Carolina became a state in 1788, and at the time, and for many years after, divorce was not legal. …

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Is There a Waiting Period for Divorce in South Carolina?

You want to get divorced in South Carolina. One of your first questions may be how long it is going …

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